Mudharabah Investment Plan

This is a plan designed for everyone who desires to invest his money in line with Sharia. You are qualified to partake in this Halaal investment without any barrier whatsoever.
The plan allows you to save and invest your money at your own convenience to meet certain targets need in the nearest future .The investment period ranges from 2years and above.
The investment is carried out in line with the principle of Mudharabah (profit/loss sharing arrangement).

Other Features
 -   Open to All
 -   Systematic Savings and Investment.
 -   Returns on Investment based on Islamic Concept of Al-Mudharabah.
 -   Flexible Maturity Period ranging from 2 to 20 years.
 -   Investment not forfeited in the event of cancellation.
 -   Payment could be made monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly and single contribution.
 -   Peace of mind for dealing in Sharia-compliant investment.