BAG (Breadwinner Assets Gift)


  • Pays a lump sum in multiples of N 1,000,000 subject to a maximum of N 20,000,000
  •  Creates an immediate trust-fund with the lumpsum income thus guaranteeing a minimum living standard for your loved ones
  •  Provides an accidental death benefit of double the sum assured subject to a limit of N 500,000.


  • Minimum sum assured is N 1 million
  •  Maximum age at entry is 60 years
  •  Premium can be paid annually or renewed thereafter or with an option  of a single premium for a term of 5years
  •  Insurance can be bought in multiples of N1, 000,000 subject to a maximum of 20times
  •  Last renewal at 65th birthday
  • Payment of a guaranteed benefit if death occurs within a specified period of time
  • Payment is made to a named beneficiary or corporate Trustee for the benefit of a named beneficiary( beneficiaries)
  •  Payment only at death
  • Medical examination may be required in certain cases
  • Premiums and benefits are tax free
  • Accidental Death benefit
  •  Permanent Disability Benefit